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Decision to Build?

09.17.15 | News

Decision to Build?

Please read this letter from the elders of Crossroads as we plan another chapter!

Decision to Build?

Twenty-five years ago, a few of us talked of a church which had neither a name nor a congregation at the time.  It would rest in the woods like a mountain retreat, more trees than buildings, and looking like it had always been merely part of the nature around it.  In order not to waste any of the Lord’s blessings, the buildings would be used throughout the week by children in school rooms and more classes would be added as the school grew and the blessings continued.  

So, the Lord provided the land and the funding, we began to build.  Before the first classroom walls were up, a school was organized and students were enlisted.  The Oaks Christian School cost the congregation dearly, but it quickly became our largest community outreach ministry.  The people of the church were like the parents of a gifted child, sacrificing for their child’s education and hoping that one day the child’s success would justify the expense.  The leadership of the school grappled with the work and cost of producing quality education and the congregation confirmed its commitment and belief in the school through its budget planning each year.

Now greater Summerville is straining with growth and the church members who comprise the school board and administration are under pressure to enlarge the student body.  This summer they came to the church leadership with a proposal for a major classroom building expansion and with a gratifying surprise: if the church would accept the new mortgage payment and ownership responsibilities, the school’s income would mostly cover the costs.

If you were in the worship service on Sunday, you heard Pastor Peppy mention the 12/6 Plan in regards to a vision of constructing a new building.  The “12/6” refers to the monthly monetary contributions from The Oaks Christian School and Crossroads Community Church to cover the approximately $18,000/month expenses of the new building which would include the mortgage, insurance and utilities.  The Oaks Christian School has agreed to cover $12,000 of the monthly expense with Crossroads contributing $6,000.  With The Oaks contribution, our plan is to roll the mortgage of this new building into our current debt service and extend the term of the loan without a significant increase to our current payment.

The Oaks Christian School, the child of our church, has matured and now wants to give us a return on our twenty-five year investment.  The elders are in one accord.  We believe that the Lord, through the Oaks School Board, has offered a gift to the people of Crossroads. 
Now we need to know: What do you believe?   

The Elders of Crossroads Community Church
September, 2015


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