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Project 3T: Time... Slipping Away

Posted by Zach Calhoun on

Written by Zach Calhoun, Student Ministry Intern.

What we do with our finite amount of time affects today as well as eternity.  Are you using your time wisely?

For the majority of my life I was terrible at time management.  I spent my time watching crazy amounts of television and played video games until 3AM.  My grades suffered, my social life suffered, and my spiritual life suffered.  To be honest, I am a major procrastinator.  As I went to college, however, I realized the procrastination lifestyle would not get me anywhere and as I am going through my 4th year at Charleston Southern University, I continue to realize time management is a key to my success in life.  

So how are you using your time?   Consider how it is being spent.  Do you see some of it being wasted?  Replace it!  I’m not telling you to stop watching Netflix or movies, because you need times of rest, but when your sole priority of the day is to watch television and accomplish nothing – you have a problem. 

Here are three ideas for you:

Serve – 1 Samuel 12:24 says “But be sure to fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you.”
Serving in a ministry at church or a Christian ministry outside the church walls is an opportunity to give the love that God has given you.

Fellowship –It says in Proverbs 27:17, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another”.  Be in fellowship with people you want to do life with by “[stirring] up one another to love and good works.” (Heb 10:24).  A simple way to accomplish this is to join a connect group!

Personal Growth – This is the most important of the three ideas.  If you serve and are in fellowship but growing yourself, you will be empty and lacking in your Christian life.  
Personal growth is reading your Bible, praying without ceasing, memorizing Scripture and meditating on it.   Paul describes personal growth in terms of milk and solid food.  If you stay an infant in Christ, you will only be able to understand simple things about God; but if you want to truly grow in Christ, spend time with Him.

We cannot regain the time that we’ve spent on fluff in our lives.  The time we let slip from our hands can’t be found in the future...that time is gone.  
What you do with your time matters.  So spend your time seeking the Lord and doing His will.