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Here's the Deal: Week of February 14th

by Sonny Holmes on February 15, 2021

Crossroads Community Church family---

What a blessing to see how many of you braved the unpredictable winter weather to worship as a church family this past Sunday. Those dreary, rainy days cover us all with the temptation to bury ourselves deep in the covers and sleep in. Your steadfastness was a blessing to me and I know those who lead our church functions on campus. Thank you!

Let’s also note your consistent financial support during these uncertain months. Churches experiencing interim ministry typically see declines in attendance and financial support. The pandemic further complicated our church life and has influenced pretty much every aspect of our service together. But, you have remained faithful in your stewardship and have enabled ministry to continue in blessed ways. Once again, thank you.

Please keep our Pastor Search Team in your constant prayers. Our Associational Missions Strategist Richard Odom and I are planning an intense training session for them as soon as we can get it scheduled. Their work will begin soon afterward. So, keep them on your prayer list with urgency. They are Ann Almers, Steven Brice-Nash, Abby Brice-Nash, Pat Carter, Scott Courtney, Rochelle Saxon, and Gary Weber. How thankful we all must be at their willingness to lead this most significant search and decision.

The coming weeks are going to be formative for Crossroads Community Church. We will be addressing issues and making decisions that will guide our mission in the weeks, months, and years ahead. Your concerted prayers are essential as we determine many next steps and begin to more clearly define our mission.

Blessings to all.
Sonny Holmes, Interim Pastor