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Here's the Deal: Week of March 14th

by Sonny Holmes on March 15, 2021

Crossroads family,

Once again I am grateful for your positive response to our membership record update this past Sunday. There was some speculation about our reasons for including that short questionnaire in our service and on-line streaming. There’s just been some confusion about church membership over the past year or so and with a reduced church staff, we’ve missed some of the paperwork and communication necessary to have current information. So, thank you. When the information is compiled we’ll communicate with you all.

Every week I will seek your continued prayers for the members of our Pastor Search Team. They met for the second time this past Sunday and moved through some of the organizational steps necessary to launch their search. I am encouraged by their very positive spirit and desire to follow God’s leadership in identifying and call the next pastor of Crossroads Community Church. They are Pat Carter (Chair), Ann Almers, Steven Brice-Nash, Abby Brice-Nash, Scott Courtney, Rochelle Saxon, and Gar Weber. Please keep them lifted.

On April 4, 2021, we will celebrate Christ’s Resurrection. Easter is perhaps the most significant time of worship during the Christian year, the remembrance of our Lord’s passion, death, burial, and glorious resurrection. Please note that more people will attend church on Easter Sunday than any other Lord’s Day in the year. We are also celebrating the ordinance of believer’s baptism Easter Sunday as well. If anyone in your family would like to discuss their relationship with Christ and following in baptism, please let one of the staff know as soon as possible. Please cover this inspiring day of worship with your most fervent prayers. And, come prepared to welcome many new faces to Crossroads Community Church.

Next Sunday, we’ll continue in our study Promised Land Ahead and will discuss a command God gave the nation of Israel before the Ten Commandments. I know Joey Baham and our worship leaders will prepare us to receive the truth of God’s Word.


Blessings to all---
Sonny Holmes, Interim Pastor