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Here's the Deal: Week of March 7th

by Sonny Holmes on March 08, 2021

Blessings, Crossroads family---

Let me once again express gratitude for your generous sacrificial giving during this interim period. Around the nation, churches are weathering seasonal disturbances and continuing to experience the attendance and ministry interruptions of Covid 19. Your steadfast stewardship enables Crossroads Community Church's mission to move forward. Thank you.

Also, thank you for the abundant supply of baby diapers and assorted materials in our ministry to the Lowcountry Pregnancy Center. Your giving spirit is such an inspiration, especially considering Lowcountry’s commitment to the sanctity of human life. Thank you.

Don’t forget to spring your clocks forward for the beginning of daylight savings time at 2:00 a.m., Sunday, March 14, 2021. That is this Sunday! It will be a blessing for us to gather Sunday morning and all the more so if we’re on time. Well, yes, we do lose an hour of sleep this week. So, I’ll work hard to keep you awake during my teaching time.

Please keep our Pastor Search Team in your prayers as they begin the process of selecting a new pastor. They are Chairperson Pat Carter, Ann Almers, Abby Brice-Nash, Steven Brice-Nash, Scott Courtney, Richelle Saxon, and Gary Webber. They held their first meeting last Sunday and are becoming prepared for what will be an inspiring search. Pray for them!

This Sunday, March 14 we will ask you for help in clarifying the membership status of those in attendance. The pandemic and staff changes have interrupted our record-keeping systems and we’ll be asking for you to indicate whether or not you are a member of Crossroads Community Church. It is a simple process and will assist us greatly. Thank you in advance.   

Serving as your interim pastor is a blessing. We’ve got some exciting days ahead. Pray that we will honor him in al that we do.


Every blessing!
Sonny Holmes