Life Groups are groups that meet in homes and at church at various times throughout the week for the purpose of making disciples. Groups gather to study the Bible, pray, and fellowship together.

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God has called Crossroads Community Church to make disciples who make a difference. On Sunday, January 16, therefore, we will officially start our new Life Group ministry. We encourage all church members to pray for the launch of this new ministry.

We will pray Scripture back to God as a filter to set our concerns in God's words and a springboard to let our words be shaped in response to His word so that God's priorities become our priorities. Psalms 90-106 emphasize god's work amongst His people: the coming of His Kingdom and our celebration of it.

Priorities when we pray for Life Groups:

  • God's glory in genuine discipleship
  • Biblical fidelity
  • Genuine conversations, community, and relationships
  • Gospel impact on families, neighbors, and co-workers
  • Faithful leaders within groups
  • Faithful members and volunteers within groups
  • Homes made available to reach our neighborhoods
  • Wisdom for the pastors and elders
  • Mentorship between pastors and facilitators
  • Faithful forming of new groups

With these priorities and other biblical emphases in mind, we ask you to pray each day through Psalms.

Begin each day by humbling yourself in a moment of silence. Then, pray aloud or in silence the part of Psalms assigned for the day, reflecting on 1) who God is, 2) who we are, and 3) how the cross of Christ saves. As you do so, God's Spirit may lead you to reflect on an aspect of the ministry, such as our priorities from the list above. Pray as He leads.


Making disciples who make a difference

What is a Life Group at Crossroads?

Life groups are groups that meet in homes or at church at various times throughout the week for the purpose of making disciples. Groups gather to study the Bible, pray, and fellowship together.

What does it mean to make a disciple?

A disciple is someone who is following Jesus. A disciple is growing in his or her knowledge of the Scripture and in prayer and fellowship with God. A disciple shares his or her faith and is growing in the desire and ability to disciple others. At Crossroads, we believe that you have only succeeded in making a disciple when that person is not only growing, but discipling others.

What is the curriculum for Life Groups?

All Life Groups are studying the same book of the Bible together. Pastor Richard, our senior pastor, preaches the passage on Sunday morning. Then our groups gather throughout the week to study that passage more deeply and hold one another accountable to applying God’s word, using a curriculum written by our Groups Pastors.

Why are we all studying the same thing?

There are tremendous advantages to having the entire church, from senior adults to our Students to our KidsRoad Worship, studying the same passage of Scripture each week. It gives our church unity and ensures quality in all our groups. It helps parents disciple their children and teenagers well, and it helps us all be accountable to putting what we hear on Sunday into practice throughout the week.

Are Life Groups for Christians only or may I invite my unchurched friends?

Life Groups are for Christians and unchurched friends. Life Groups are a place where people are discipled. For some people that will mean hearing the gospel and the Bible for the very first time. For some people that will mean wrestling with why they aren’t being obedient to scriptural commands they have heard for twenty years. We want to ensure that every group is “invite friendly,” meaning that every group has room for and is designed from the ground up to accommodate people who are not currently believers in Jesus.