Kidsroad is the name of our ministry to children ages Birth through 5th grade. It encompasses ministry on Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights through AWANA and special events. 


We Believe

It is our responsibility to provide a safe and friendly environment for children to experience Christ's love.

It is our responsibility to come alongside parents in nurturing spiritual maturity in their children and to assist the parent by providing care as the parent seeks opportunities to grow spiritually.

It is our responsibility to provide a solid Biblical foundation for the children through our teaching of Bible truths in addition to the parent's efforts as spiritual leaders.

We want the time spent here, away from parents, to also be fun for the child in all of our different programs.  


Sunday Mornings

KidsRoad Ministries here at Crossroads offers KidsConnect classes for preschoolers and children from birth through fifth grade during both Sunday morning hours. Our goal is to see kids become Christ-followers who grow daily in their love for God and others. While they are with us on Sunday mornings, we hope that every child experiences the truth of Jesus’ love for them through learning His Word and connecting with adults and kids who care about them. To ensure our environment is loving and safe, every volunteer is trained in child protection and are required to complete periodic background checks and training. 

Check in to KidsRoad on Sundays at 9:00 AM or 10:30 AM.

Check-in will continue to be outside the front doors of the KidsRoad Building, and pick-up will be in the foyer of the KidsRoad Building and at the side door for nursery.

Nursery & Nursing Moms' Room

There is a private, comfortable room available for nursing moms and babies in the KidsRoad Building next to the nursery. Moms can change their babies and nurse while watching the service on a TV.
If you would like to drop off your child in the nursery, we have a trained and background-checked volunteer staff, ready to care for your baby! The nursery is located in the KidsRoad Building, second room on the left if coming from the Worship Center.
Newborns - ~18 months can be dropped off there at any time during the services. Our nursery strives to be a place where parents feel comfortable leaving their precious little ones. 

Preschoolers-3rd Grade

 Preschoolers through third graders in KidsConnect walk through the Bible chronologically using the Gospel Project curriculum. This curriculum immerses kids in the gospel through every story, theological concept, and call to mission from Genesis to Revelation. Through creative storytelling, skits, video, games, and small groups kids will learn to understand the Bible is not just a collection of stories, but one unified story-God’s story of redemption.

4th-5th Grade

Fourth through fifth-graders go deeper, continuing their chronological study of the Old and New Testaments using the Answers Bible Curriculum. This curriculum helps kids learn to study Scripture and to depend on God’s Word in answering key questions they are confronted with today. Throughout this powerful overview of God’s Word, kids develop skills to observe, interpret, and apply Scripture as well as to defend the Bible and honor Christ.

Attending Service

Children are welcome to participate in our worship service. In fact, we strongly encourage parents and kids who are attending multiple services to participate in worship as a family. We believe that it is important for children to see their parents worshipping and to recognize that they have a place in the Body of Christ. If you choose to bring your young children with you into service, we recommend sitting toward the back near an exit and allowing your child to bring a notebook or coloring book. Consider encouraging older children to take notes.

Check-In FAQs:

Where and how do I check-in?
All classes are in the KidsRoad Building which is the first building on our property. There's a Check-In counter in the front entrance where parents and guardians can check children in.

What if my child is upset when I leave him/her?
It happens! Most children settle down after a few minutes. If your child is inconsolable for a 10-minute length of time, we will try one or more ways to connect with you. If you left us with a phone number, we will text you. We will come find you in service or Connect Class, or put your child's tag number on the screen in Worship. Our hope is that your child associates being at church with happy and secure feelings.

Visiting for the first time?

Let us know you're coming and we'll be ready for you and your family.

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Children are taught the Word of God in a fun and creative way that keeps them engaged and wanting more.  Younger Clubbers hear about God’s love for them and about Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. 
Older Clubbers learn how to apply God’s Word to their lives and about serving others.  For children ages 3 (By September 1) through 12th grade.

AWANA begins October 7th, 2020

Awana Clubs at Crossroads
Cubbies: K3 & K4
Sparks: K5-2nd 
T & T: 3rd-6th

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