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A Rainy Day Read

Posted by Edith Turner on

It has been especially rainy this summer.  As I rolled my trash can out to the side of the street I looked down and noticed there were quite a few weeds growing in my flower bed.  I don't normally notice weeds. But a few weeks ago I had put down some edging and mulch in this bed so the weeds were more noticeable.

I was already dressed for work but I bent down and begin pulling weeds and piling them on the driveway.  It wasn't hard. The ground was very soft. After all, it has been raining a lot. Since the weeds came up easily, I continued pulling.  It looked much cleaner. I could see the flowers again.

The weeds came up easily because the beds were wet and soft.  To pull a weed out of dry ground is hard to do and many times a piece of the root remains in the ground.

My heart is like this flower bed.  When it is hard and dry it’s difficult when the Holy Spirit works to get a sinful habit or a hurtful attitude corrected. So - He waits. God's love for me is so great as he begins calling me to get back to His Word; to be still and know that He is God.  And as I am being washed by the water of His Word and accepting His love for me, my heart becomes soft and tender again. Just like the soil after a long rain.

Now I'm listening for Him and looking to see Him.  Now He can tug and wiggle and pull out those things that have taken root in my heart; things He did not put there.  As I pulled up each weed in my garden, my love for Him grew a little more and a little more. And I knew, again, that I can trust Him to complete the work He began in me. By the way, it was surprising to me how quickly those weeds took over my flowerbed.  Just as sinful attitudes and habits quickly take over my heart and life, one tiny piece at a time.

Learning to live by the Spirit of Jesus Christ who lives inside of me is an awesome yet often hard thing to do because I don't want to be told what to do, even by Him. After all, I've lived a while and have learned a thing or two. Doesn't He know that?  Oh, He most certainly does. His gentle, but firm voice inside me is the most beautiful and comforting sound there is. His goodness and timing is perfect.

I want Him to live His life through me. So I will choose to listen and often obey...more and more as I trust Him. Sometimes I think I can even sense Him shaking the dirt off as He gently pulls another weed from my heart.  

And He smiles.


-Edith Turner
Pastoral & Ministerial Secretary