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Garbage In, Garbage Out Follow Up

Posted by Rhett Marley on

In 1996, I bought my first CD ever. I was eight years old when I came home with DC Talk’s latest album: Jesus Freak. What ensued the rest of that day is something I’ll never forget. I had the album BLASTED in our house! It started out with me running around the house doing flips off of our living room sofa. It then grew to me laying large pillows on the ground and doing belly flops off the sofa pretending that I was bodysurfing at a concert… I tell you what! It was a great day to be a kid! Haha!

Why the excitement: For the first time in my life, there was a Christian band that I loved! For a kid who thought there were only two Christian bands out there, Steve Green and Point of Grace, my eyes were opened wide when the bass dropped on Jesus Freak. In the coming months, I learned about two more Christian bands - Audio Adrenaline and Newboys, My life would never be the same!
Thankfully, from a very early age, Christian music grabbed my heart and soul. Over the years, it has shaped me into a man that loves to praise and worship God.

…I gave a sermon’ar (sermon/seminar) on Sunday focusing on the standard in life that God has commanded us as Christians to live by. If you ever have a question about what is right & what is wrong when it comes to the aspect of being a Christ follower, the Bible has the answer. It is our standard.
When you take this standard and compare to things you fill your life with, such as music, how does it compare to the standard? Do you catch yourself listening to a song that glorifies something that the Bible is firmly against? There are so many songs out there that glorify getting drunk, doing drugs, idolizing money, idolizing a man/woman, having premarital sex… the list goes on. Do you find yourself filling your soul with spiritual junk food throughout your day?

And the train doesn’t stop with music… What about that movie that you are about to watch? Or that book you are about to read? What about that TV Show you are about to binge watch on Netflix? Does it praise and glorify something that is a sin? If so, why would you fill your soul with it?
I’ll get off my soap box. I’d encourage you to take a listen to the sermon from Sunday if you were unable to hear the message. Because of online copyright laws, we had to cut out all the videos that were played during the message, but you can still get a solid understanding of the concept of “Garbage In Garbage Out” by listening.

The premise that I was after was to encourage our congregation to start filling our souls with things that please God. I curated a Top 30 Countdown of some of my favorite Christian Artists and we now have a Spotify playlist with all of the songs listed in the Countdown for you to jam out to! I’d highly encourage you to check it out! Who knows… Maybe your inner kid will come out and you’ll find yourself body surfing on pillows in excitement once you realize that there are Christian Bands out there that you truly would enjoy listening to… Okay maybe not, but you get my point! ;)


We want you to stay inspired with new music each week, so get ready for the launch of "Music Mondays".

Every Monday morning, I will be updating a 30 minute playlist on Spotify with the songs that I am currently listening to. Christian music has shaped me over the past 20+ years and I want to share my passion with you. Be sure that you are following us on Facebook & Twitter for your first list next week!

-Rhett Marley
Assistant Worship Pastor