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New Year Round Up

Posted by Debi Ford on

Welcome to the beginning of a new year! (I know it is not quite here yet, but it’s “get a plan” time for me!) I’ve decided this year to go with a focus on simplifying my life. It’s time to clean up. It’s time to plan what I will use as a daily devotion, a Bible Study, a podcast speaker, prayer time, and anything else I want to start the new year with. (Other “cleaning” means purging my email box, my closet, etc.) I’ve looked on the web and found some hidden gems to get me started.


Devotion/Read through the Bible

This year I decided to do an all in one because I want a clean email box. I’ve chosen to download "The Chronological Bible"  into my Bible app, Olive Tree, which will help me to increase my knowledge of what happened when in order of occurrence, and important facts to help me to know God’s complete picture for His people...which includes me. It’s set up to read a little each day which I plan to do each morning before I get out of bed.


Bible Study

With Pastor Peppy speaking on Sunday mornings from the book of Daniel, we have chosen to offer the Daniel Study by Beth Moore as one of our studies for women. I’m excited to retake this study. There was so much in it last time we did it, a little over 10 years ago that I know I have forgotten some details along the way. It will be interesting to see how God will use both Pastor Peppy and a 12-year-old study to reveal himself more fully to me and to give me insight where I need to “clean up”.  



I decided that while I might listen to other speakers out there, that for the first time, I am going to actively choose to listen to Pastor Peppy not only each Sunday from the vantage point of sitting in worship, but also from the podcast on the church website as I really want to get all I can out of the study of the book of Daniel.



Once again the Worship Center will be open for prayer on New Year’s Eve. So many people have prayed for my husband and I over the year, that we want to give back.  From 6-9pm Terry and I will be taking advantage of the quiet time of sitting in the Worship Center and listening to the Lord lead us toward thoughts of others and of His purpose for the coming year for us. He has put a single word on my heart already for this coming year... Believe!


Other things

I won’t bore you with the list of simplified cleaning I have planned for my coming year. I found lots of ideas on Pinterest under the words “simplified cleaning schedule”. From there I found enough ideas to keep me busy for the rest of the year and then some. My mother used to say a clean home was a godly home...I’m not sure that she was talking about the physical aspect of a clean house. I suspect it was another of her pearls of wisdom lost on me in my youth, but for now, I’m ready to start using the tools He has given me to spot check His “home” in me.