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Pep Talk: A Four Part Vision

Posted by Peppy DuTart on

I am absolutely convinced that there is nothing more impacting than a vision.  Every great institution, every great invention, every great innovation known to the human race has been the result of somebody’s vision.  Over the past ten weeks, I have asked you to envision what a mature disciple of Jesus Christ looks like and I’ve repeatedly said that a mature disciple does four things consistently:  

- Loves God
- Loves Others
- Loves Ministry
- Loves the Lost

It all begins with Loving God.  We have learned that this is the great commandment.  Everything we do ought to flow from a sincere love for God.  Scripture indicates that we demonstrate our love for God by being obedient to His commands and by attending worship regularly.

Next, a mature disciple Loves Others through true biblical fellowship.  I defined fellowship as not just grilling hamburgers or sharing a cup of coffee together; I defined fellowship as “doing life together.”  That’s what we’re all about here at Crossroads and we believe fellowship best takes place in a small group where true and lasting friendships are forged.

Thirdly, a mature disciple Loves Ministry because Jesus Himself said He did not come to be ministered unto but to minister and to give His life.  Just as the greatest joy of Christmas comes not from getting, but from giving, the greatest joy of life comes, not from being served, but serving.  It is our determination to help every person at Crossroads find a place of service whether it be inside the church on Sunday or outside the church during the week.  

Finally, a mature disciple Loves the Lost.  If God loved this world enough to give His one and only Son, we ought to love this world enough to give ourselves.  You have not been saved just to sit in church, or to soak up the truth, or to sing on the worship team, or even to send missionaries around the world.  You have been changed to share Jesus with this lost world.  Do you know what God’s greatest tool is to reach this world for Jesus Christ?  YOU!

If all of us will remain consistent in loving God, loving others, loving ministry, and loving the lost, I believe we’ll turn this world upside down for Christ!  Now there’s a vision for you!


-Pastor Peppy DuTart