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Posted by Debi Ford on

September marks the beginning of Fall to me. A time to evaluate where I have been and where I still need to go. I consider Fall a time to begin a fresh start on this journey from "here to there".

As a child this was the last weekend of our summer break. School would begin the morning after Labor Day. We would try to cram so much into the weekend-camping out, fishing, reading another book, being with friends, holding an MD fundraiser in our neighborhood and watching the MD telethon. It was the last relaxing time of the season.

The beginning of Fall was also meant the end of our summer church services that were held at a local drive-in movie theater. As children, we loved the summer services. We got to wear comfortable clothes, play on the swings and slides and run around until the service started. Our worship was led by a summer student layman who played the guitar where we sang along to more contemporary camp type songs rather than the pipe organ led hymns. It was a fun time to be in church.

As an adult, Fall came to mean new things to me. The kids ​were ​back to school, the beginning of new schedules, a pulling in toward more indoor family time, a new project and the beginning of a new Bible Study. Fall also was a time to look back and see where I had been spiritually, and to purpose where (and what) I needed to go towards. I had to have a plan.
​How are you spending the ending of the summer and the beginning of Fall? Do you have a plan? What/where are you purposing to be​ ​​in this next season​? Are you still traveling "from here to there"?

May​ I encourage you to reflect this weekend on where you want to be in the ​new year? In the ​spring? There are so many opportunities at Crossroads to get involved and to grow. ​Now is the time to find a place to serve.​ ​Now is the time to join a Bible Study, Connect Class, Connect Group​ and to spend time with others​ who​ are on this journey too!​

-Debi Ford
Director of Care and Support