Crossroads Community Church Riders

motorcycle ministry

Mission: Making disciples who make a difference

Vision: Knowing Jesus and making Jesus known

Values: Respect for others, Integrity, Morality, Service (R.I.M.S.)

Goals: Fellowship, Evangelism, Discipleship (F.E.D.)

Establishing our ministry and trust within our community depends on our ability to develop

relationships. The purpose of Crossroads Community Church Motorcycle Ministry (CCCMM) is

a group that reaches people for God by being disciples who make a difference. In order to be

successful we must remember we are accountable to the group as well as to the church. Whether

we’re out on a ride or engaging with community events, we must always be mindful that people

are watching. When we let people know we’re members of Crossroads Community Church

everything we do and say represents Jesus and the church. We are ambassadors for Christ. We

need to follow the example Christ set for us in every environment we find ourselves in if we’re

to be successful in reaching others for Him.

The ministry will be led by a member of the congregation selected by the lead Pastor. The selected member along with two other people within the congregation will help coordinate ministry activities to include but not limited to:  
Assist with ideas, leadership and focus;
Assist with keeping  track of ministry activities, meeting notes, rosters, etc;
Assist as road captain, rear guard and event coordinator; organizes rides, events, sets the routes, and coordination of rides with other church riding groups or events within the area.
The right people in leadership roles is crucial. They must be focused, motivated, and willing to serve in ways that ensure the ministry succeeds. These volunteers need to be encouraged and supported by the pastoral staff and congregation. All volunteers should  have a desire to commit their time, energy, and leadership in order to fulfill the group’s mission. Those chosen to fill leadership positions must meet the following criteria:
Be a Christian.
Be a motorcycle rider.
Have a heart for outreach.
Demonstrate a love for others.
Be dedicated to fulfilling the mission, vision, values and goals of this ministry.
Attend scheduled meetings, events, and activities in support of this ministry.

The focus of CCCMM is clear and vital to our success as a ministry:  
We value the Bible, God’s unchanging truth for our lives.
We value the church, prayer, and our personal relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
We value fellowship, evangelism and discipleship.
We value community and building relationships that help bind us to God and together.
We create networks and partnerships. A climate of cooperation characterizes our relationships at every level. Networking within the church and community enhances the development and deployment of bikers for service.
Everything CCCMM does is geared to meet the mission, vision, values, goals, and focus, all of which are stated above. CCCMM reflects Jesus Christ and the church.
Crossroads Community Church Motorcycle Ministry Registration Form to be completed and submitted on line;

Crossroads Community Church Motorcycle Ministry Release and Indemnification Release Form to be completed, signed, dated and submitted on line.

Please contact Vinny Cannito with any questions
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“As Iron Sharpens Iron” Proverbs 27:17

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Crossroads Community Church Motorcycle Ministry Registration Form and the Indemnification Release Form needs to be completed and submitted.